Commonly asked Questions and Answers

What is a home inspection?

The objective of the home inspection is to provide the buyer with a better understanding of the house. It will dispel the many anxieties held by the average purchaser. The inspection is more of an educational seminar than a negative critique of your home. The inspector will review the functional aspects of your home (i.e. all exterior elements, the structure, the heating, plumbing and electrical systems.) Cosmetic issues like the carpet condition or surface scratches on the wall and ceilings are not the focus.

Who is a home inspector?

Most experienced home inspectors are fully accredited members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) or other recognized association. This criterion will ensure the inspector is impartial, experienced, ethical and properly insured. All parties involved in the real estate transaction rely on an accurate and fair building inspection report.

How will the inspector review my house?

The inspection is primarily visual. There is no drilling into walls or dismantling of components. They will review the major systems of your house using normal operating controls such as operating the thermostat, plumbing fixtures and turning on lights. The inspector will enter the attic. Sometimes this is a messy undertaking, with a bit of insulation falling inside the house. You may want to anticipate this and make provisions for an easy access.

When will the inspection take place? … How long will it take?

It may take the purchaser two to three business days to arrange for an inspector to visit the house. The average home inspection takes approximately two to three hours.

How should the home inspection clause be worded?

A home inspection has become a very common condition included in the purchase agreement. The clause should be worded to protect your interest as a home seller. It should ensure that an impartial professional would carry out the inspection.

Do I, as the vendor, receive a copy of the inspection report?

The home inspector provides a copy of the inspection report to the purchaser only. The inspector cannot communicate their findings to anyone else but the purchaser, unless instructed otherwise. It is fair to suggest that you, as the vendor, receive a copy of the report under certain circumstances. However, this should be addressed in the inspection clause.

Should I be present for the inspection?

It is not necessary for you to be in attendance. However, you may feel it is important to brief the inspector on a few unique aspects of your home. Some home sellers have found the process to be a bit unsettling and have opted to be somewhere else. Either way, do what is best for you.